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Leave it to me to forget to post my last blog. I truly have enjoyed this class, it has completely stretched me. I have always been set in my ways, while I feel that I have always been accepting of those who are different than me, I think I truly learned so much more about each different culture and they way in which different people view situations. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts on this blog and many times it has allowed me to put more together as I’m typing it out. I enjoyed the experience I had during my field experience. It opened my eyes to situations that I had never even imagined and it allowed me to think of my future students in a different light. I loved spending time with those children, and having the opportunity to give them an outfit. Overall, I have just really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the class. I’m not the most talkative person, but just know that I listened each week and I have taken so much away from this experience. Thank you to everyone.

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